It does not do to dwell on dreams

and forget to live.

AJ Anders
Hello All!

My name is AJ Anders. I'm 21 and a writer, but I normally write scripts, so fanfiction is not really my strongest medium and I apologize for that.

I have a surprisingly long history with slash since I started reading Harry/Draco when I was about 12. I've written a handful of fics for the Drarry fandom as well as some P!atD fics. Some Drarry stuff is on here, but most of it isn't. All of the P!atD stuff is here thought since they were all written for silver_etoile.

My current obsession in the fanfiction world is Glee, my OTP being Kurt/Blaine, Klaine, Kurt CoBlaine, or Blurt.

I'm a Gleek and a StarKid and I was both before Darren went on Glee so I won't get involved in any weird wars about Darren and which fans are better. He's Darren, just support him.

I love writing (clearly) even though it's torture sometimes and I have a weakness for music, penguins, French, traveling, and Hollywood history.