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I Won't Get Out Alive (Part 1/2)

Title: I Won't Get Out Alive (Part 1/2)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Murder, death of OCs, bloodplay, self-harm, underage drinking, barebacking, graphic depictions of violence, and graphic depictions of sexual acts between two minors above the age of consent.
Word Count: ~4200
Summary: Blaine is very good at keeping his life compartmentalized. There’s a box for Dalton, one for Kurt, and one for killing people. When Kurt finds out about the killing, the lines between the boxes start to blur, but it’s Blaine’s responsibility to make sure they don’t both lose their minds or their lives while that happens.
Note: Part 2 will post later this evening or tomorrow morning.

It was ridiculous that he was the one that was terrified. He was the one running scared when…when he was the one that started everything in the first place.

“I can’t do this anymore.” Blaine couldn’t look at Kurt’s face; he knew what he would find there. Hurt, confusion, betrayal.

“What?” Kurt’s voice pitched even higher than its usual register. “Blaine. What is going on?”

“I-I can’t do this anymore. This, us…everything else. I feel like I’m losing my mind, like I’m losing control and I can’t do it. I’m sorry. You should probably go.”

Coward. How was he such a coward after everything that had happened?

He turned to leave Kurt in the foyer, never once meeting Kurt’s eye so he didn’t see the baseball bat swinging down.


Everything went black.

Kurt’s gasp as Blaine led him into the brightened room sent a shiver down Blaine’s side. Kurt had been here before, but not like this, not for this, but Kurt had asked. He’d insisted, really, and Blaine could never deny Kurt anything even if he wanted to.

"She's beautiful," Kurt whispered as he stepped into the room. Blaine followed suit, pulling the thick metal door closed behind him and flicking closed a series of complicated locks. Blaine didn't miss the hint of jealousy in Kurt's tone.

"I found her at the ballet, gorgeous legs." He didn't need to appease Kurt's jealous nature. This wasn't something Kurt should ever have been worried about, especially not with Blaine.

"How did you get her here?" Kurt asked.

"I can be very persuasive." Blaine explained, grin plastered in place as his eyes roved over the girl's naked body where she was strapped to the table in the center of the room. She couldn't have been older than nineteen. Shame, really. Shame he didn't care.

"Blaine, what did you do?"

"Nothing I haven't done before." That much was true. Sure he'd seduced the girl and had plyed her with too much champagne at an after-party before walking her off to his car, no one the wiser. She would think it was just a one-night stand with a cute, charming guy that she would never see again.

Well, she would have been right about never seeing Blaine again, and one night was all it would take.

Kurt shot him a disapproving look, as if flirting with a girl was the worst of his crimes. As if the fact that a naked girl, strapped to a table in a room filled with knives, knives he intended to use was somehow worse than spending a few hours of his Friday evening drinking champagne and making small talk.

"This is a present, for you, so stop being ungrateful about it. It doesn't matter how she got here, she's here and she's for us, for you. She'll be good practice."

"Fine." Kurt let it drop, finally taking a step towards the table, one elegant finger reaching out to run along the metal, scant centimeters from the girl's skin.

She was quite pretty, with long brown hair and legs that never seemed to end, stretching so far he'd only ever seen on Kurt. His beautiful, gorgeous Kurt, who was circling the table, taking in each new angle of the unconscious form that lay before him.

"Will she be waking up soon?" Kurt asked. Blaine flicked his eyes up to the clock.

"Another minute or two and she should be up."

Kurt hummed low in his throat and Blaine turned away from him then to grab a tray of instruments, bringing it over to the small table next to where the girl was laying.

"You can touch her, you know." Blaine said and watched as Kurt stood there, staring down at the girl. He steeled himself with a deep breath, reaching out with a single, long finger to brush against a hipbone.

The girl jerked in her restraints, a pained moan ripping through her throat.

“Mm, looks like someone’s rejoining the world of the living,” Blaine teased as the girl moved around more, her eyes flickering open, “for now.”

"What? What's going on?" The girl groaned. "Where am I?"

Watching them wake up as they slowly figured out was one of Blaine's favorite parts. The slow realization and the way fear trickled through their veins, Blaine could feed off that fear.

"Hello Morgan." Blaine reached down to brush some hair from her face and her eyes finally focused on him.

"Blaine? What's going on?" She asked again and tensed. "Why, why am I naked and tied up? Blaine, what's going on?"

"Morgan, there's someone I'd like you to meet. This is Kurt," Blaine said as he motioned towards Kurt on the other side of the table. She whipped her head to the side taking Kurt in as he watched her, eyes flicking back and forth between her and Blaine. "This is his first time."

Morgan recoiled against the table as much as the bonds would allow her to and she tried to pull her spread thighs together.

"Please don't do this! I don't. I've never done anything like that before. Please. Please don't do this!"

Blaine barked out a laugh, sharing a smile with Kurt.

"Don't worry, we aren't going to rape you. You're not really either of our types. We're kind of exclusive." Blaine kept smiling as he brushed a finger along her side, sliding over each pronounced rib. She tensed and jerked away from the touch, sending her into Kurt's fingers, which had been skimming a few centimeters from the skin over her hip.

Kurt dragged his fingers along her stomach, up over a rib and inwards, following the curve of her bones until he met Blaine in the middle.

Morgan struggled against her bonds, trying to get away from the touch, but she couldn't move more than a few inches. Blaine slipped his fingers into Kurt's, holding his hand over her ribcage.

"What...what are you going to do?"

"Hmm, well that depends." Blaine explained, his hand sliding to take Kurt's wrist and guide it over one of Morgan's breasts. Their fingers brushed over her nipple, earning a surprised gasp from their victim and she squirmed against the chains. "We can make this easier if you're cooperative, but there are a few things I need to show Kurt, and you're going to help."

Blaine moved their hands up to her collar bone, letting Kurt feel the skin pulled taut over the bone.

"What kind of things?"

"You'll find out soon enough." He lifted his smile to face Kurt. “Do you want to make the first cut?”

“Cut?” Morgan yelped. “Y-you, you’re going to cut me?”

Blaine ignored her, waiting for Kurt’s response. Kurt wasn’t looking at him, instead still staring down at Morgan, their hands twined over her chest.

Morgan screamed, twisting against the chains and Kurt dropped his hand, taking a step back from the table, eyes never leaving Morgan’s face.

“No one’s going to hear you,” Blaine growled as he made his way around the table and pulled Kurt into his arms. “You don’t have to do this. You’ve been so good, so good, Kurt. It’s alright if you changed your mind.”

Kurt tipped his head down, capturing Blaine's mouth in a gentle kiss, just pressing his lips to Blaine's before he slid his hands to cup Blaine's jaw and his tongue slipped out against Blaine's. Blaine moaned into the kiss, his tongue sliding along Kurt's and his grip tightened around Kurt's waist.

Morgan screamed again and Kurt pulled back from the kiss.

"You can start." The words were whispered against Blaine's lips and then Kurt was drawing away and slipping the 10 blade into Blaine's hand.

The cold metal handle was familiar in his grip as was the rush of adrenaline coursing through his veins as he took a step towards the table. Morgan hadn't stopped screaming and thrashing against the table.

"Morgan," Blaine said quietly, trying to get the girl to quiet down. "Morgan. I need you to flex your leg."

"What? What? Why? Blaine. Just let me go, please, please let me go," she begged. Tears spilled over her cheeks as she continued to thrash.

"Morgan. I need you to stay still and flex your leg. I'd love to show Kurt what pretty, pretty muscles you have." It was true, her long dancer legs had firmly sculpted muscles that would be perfect for showing off to Kurt, perfect for his first kill.

"No! No. Just let me go. I won't I won't do it. Please, Blaine, just let me go." She was full out sobbing, but Blaine ignored her request, a hand sliding down over her calf, feeling the muscle there.

"I wish you would just cooperate."

"Why should I cooperate with you?"

“The way I see it, you have two options. One, you can comply and flex your leg muscles for me to show my boyfriend, or two, I can put you in a very painful situation and force you to flex your muscles. I’m going to kill you either way, but right now, you have the power to regain some control in this situation.”

Morgan stilled against her bonds, still silently crying.

"Are you going to cooperate?" Blaine asked, leaning down. She turned her head towards Blaine and spit in his face.

Blaine set his jaw, nostrils flaring, and a hand came up to wipe the spit from his face.

"That was unnecessary." Blaine growled. "I wish you would have cooperated, it would make this so much easier."


The back of his hand stung slightly where it had connected with Morgan’s cheek.

“Kurt, could you give me a hand?” Blaine asked and Kurt nodded.

With some careful maneouvering, they managed to get Morgan strung up from the ceiling, held up only by her wrists. She thrashed in the air, screaming and crying as she tried to kick out even as her ankles were chained to the concrete floor. Her legs dangled down just enough that she would have to stand up on the balls of her feet, but she refused to let her toes touch the ground and held herself up by her wrists.

"Morgan," Blaine admonished. "You need to put your leg down and flex."


"Come on, Morgan," Kurt started, addressing her for the first time. His voice had melted into the sweet, soft tone he always used when he was trying to seduce Blaine, not that Blaine ever needed much convincing. "You know we aren't going to let you go, but you can make this easier on yourself. It will be less painful if you just lower your leg now. Do you really want to find out what he'll do if you don't listen?"

Morgan dropped her head to her chest and shook it. Kurt leaned in, lifting up her chin and pressing a kiss to her cheek.

"There's a good girl. Now please lower your leg," Kurt instructed. Morgan's toes touched the ground and she gracefully flexed her calves.

Blaine couldn't help grinning over at Kurt.

"I think you're better at this than you thought," Blaine said.

"We'll see," Kurt said, his cheeks tinged pink. He was so beautiful like this, blushing and happy and Blaine could see the fear being replaced by excitment. Kurt's shoulders, once tense, had relaxed and his smile came easy, eyes shining for Blaine. He couldn't help leaning over and pressing a wet kiss to Kurt's mouth before he grabbed the 10 blade again and dropped to the floor.

"Ready?" Blaine asked.

"As I'll ever be."

Blaine reached out to stroke his hand along Morgan's leg, she tensed as he touched her, but kept her leg flexed. His finger slid along the line of hard muscle. Perfect, god this muscle was so perfect.


Kurt fell to his knees next to Blaine, crowding in on his space and watching carefully as Blaine brought the blade down to the top of her calf, right along the muscle. Blaine breathed deep watching the blade press against the skin, feeling the resistence of it against the slight pressure of the metal before he dug in, pearls of blood spilling past the skin.

"Oh." Kurt gasped and reached out to wrap his hand around Blaine's, drawing the blade down.

Above them, Morgan screamed and Blaine had to reach out with his other hand to wrap around her leg and keep it still whiled Kurt guided his hand down, the cut extending all the way to her ankle.

Kurt didn't even wait for Blaine to draw the knife away before he drew a finger along the cut, blood pooling on the tip. He watched, fascinated as Kurt pulled his finger away and stared at the blood for a moment before darting his tongue out to lick at his lips.

"It's okay," Blaine said, giving the permission he guessed Kurt needed because in the next moment Kurt brought the finger to his mouth and licked the blood off.

Seeing Kurt like that, finger between his lips, sucking the blood off his fingers, staining his mouth with the blood just a little bit, shot a spark of arousal through him. Images of him pushing Kurt back, pulling off his clothes and smearing him with blood as he fucked Kurt raw invaded his head. It was wrong, so wrong.

He’d always been gentle with Kurt, this beautiful angel of a boy. A fallen angel now as he reached out again, swiping up more blood and drawing it to his lips, this time spilling over, coating his mouth as he moaned at the taste.

Blaine couldn’t hear the sound of Morgan’s screams as his adrenaline turned to lust. Grabbing Kurt by the back of the neck, he crushed their mouths together, moaning as he tasted the coppery blood mixed with Kurt.

Kurt fisted a bloody hand in Blaine’s hair as the kiss turned dark and deep, as Blaine bit and sucked at Kurt’s mouth. Blaine dropped his mouth to Kurt’s neck, sucking a huge, purpling mark into the skin just below Kurt’s ear.

“B-blaine, you need to show me,” Kurt whined, breathless, as his hands scrabbled against Blaine’s back. Fuck. Kurt was right.

He couldn't let these two things collide. Couldn't mix them no matter how much he wanted to. He had compartmenatlized these things for a reason. Sex and killing couldn't be mixed, even if he wasn't fucking the people he killed. He needed to keep them separate.

Drawing back from Kurt, he picked up the scalpel and brought it down to the top of the cut, the blade dragged against the edge of the cut before the skin gave way and he slit her leg open sideways.

Fingers curling into the edges of the corner, he peeled the skin back to reveal the muscle beneath. Above them, Morgan howled, he voice hoarse as she tried to squirm away. She was getting quieter, it was only a matter of time till she screamed herself quiet, but Blaine enjoyed the shiver of excitement that shot down his spine as each scream erupted from her throat.

The exposed muscle was covered in blood. Morgan dropped her weight on her other leg, letting the muscles relax in the injured leg, but Blaine slammed her foot down.

"No. Flex. Now."

She refused to listen and Blaine flipped the blade in his hand, slicing into the back of her other leg, cutting straight and deep into the muscle. Her legs went limp, weight resting on her wrists as she screamed.

"Please stop! Please. I'll do anything. Anything. Just stop. Please stop." She babbled. Kurt grabbed the leg sliced through in the back and dug his hand into the cut.

"When my boyfriend gives you an order, you obey." Kurt ground out. "Otherwise, there will be consequences." Kurt curled his fingers into the wound, blood pouring down his arm and dripping onto the floor.

Morgan shouted, but obeyed immediately, bringing her foot back to the ground and flexing her leg.

"Good girl." Kurt slid his fingers from her leg, bringing it back to his mouth and Blaine could only stare, palming his hard cock as Kurt smeared the blood over his face, sucking each digit into his mouth and licked over his palm. God, Kurt was taking to this like he was born for it.

"Kurt," Blaine choked out. "The muscle. Look."

Blaine sat back, watching as Kurt explored the exposed muscle of Morgan's leg. He slid a finger along the muscle, cleaning up the blood before he shoved his finger in, curling around a muscled and pulled.

Morgan screamed, shuddering against the pain and went limp.

"She passed out," Kurt whined, frowning.

Kurt turned back to him, blue eyes wide, blood smeared all over his face and Blaine couldn't help himself anymore. Couldn't fight the urges within and wasn't that how he'd gotten into all of this in the first place?

He shoved Kurt back onto the cement floor, pressing his body down, hips colliding and Blaine let out a low groan of surprise as Kurt's erection rubbed against his own.

"Fuck, Kurt." Blaine managed before sealing his mouth over Kurt's again. The blood swirling with the taste of Kurt made Blaine's head spin and his hips bucked down, hands scrabbling to spread Kurt's legs wide.

They made quick work of their clothing, ripping blood stained t-shirts over their heads and tearing down the sweatpants Blaine had insisted they wear and then he was flipping Kurt over. Kurt’s knees rubbed against the blood-wet cement, ass spread as Blaine covered his fingers in the blood pooling below them and shoved two fingers into Kurt's hole.

Kurt keened, head snapping back as he ground his ass on Blaine’s fingers. Blaine knew it must have hurt, but Kurt just moaned at the intrusion and spread his legs wider.

“Fuck me, Blaine. Please, fuck me.”

“But I’ve only got two fingers in—“

“I don’t care! Just fuck me already,” Kurt snapped.

He knew it wasn’t sanitary, but he didn’t really didn’t give a fuck as he swiped up blood from the floor and coated his cock. They’d only ever done this with condoms and proper lube with three fingers and lots of prep and a bed. Always a bed and always gentle, but as he guided the head of his blood covered cock into Kurt’s ass, he couldn’t help the low groan that ripped from his throat. Kurt was so tight around him, already squeezing his cock.

Kurt shoved his hips back, burying Blaine’s dick in him and wailed and Blaine made to pull out.

“Don’t move. Just, give me a second.” Kurt’s breath came in harsh pants and Blaine let him rest. He was gorgeous like this, covered in blood, Blaine’s cock buried in him. Blaine could see the way his chest expanded as he breathed, his stomach rising and falling with each inhale.

Kurt pitched his hips forward a little bit, rocking back and moaned loudly.


Blaine grabbed Kurt’s hips, pulling almost all the way out before slamming back in. His fingers dug into Kurt’s hips as he picked up speed, thrusting hard into Kurt over and over until they were both panting and moaning.

Kurt screamed out his orgasm, come splattering across the floor, mixing with the blood, as his ass clenched hard around Blaine’s cock, pulling Blaine over the edge with him.

Neither of them bothered to put their clothes back on as they placed Morgan back on the table. Covered in Morgan’s blood and their own sweat and come, Blaine brought her back to consciousness and helped guide Kurt in slicing out her heart.

The blood was thicker there and ran over Kurt’s long fingers as he held the muscle in his hand, now detached from Morgan’s dead body and both boys were hard again by the time Blaine was pushing Kurt into the shower, fingers groping over the half-formed bruises from before and he fucked Kurt into the wall.

The next few weeks passed in a haze of sex and killing until most of his time with Kurt was spent half covered in blood with his cock buried in Kurt’s ass.

“What if we opened one up from behind, all the way down their spine?” Kurt whispered one night, tongue curling around Blaine’s ear as his nails dragged down Blaine’s back. “All those pretty nerve endings. God how they’d scream,” Kurt moaned. Blaine couldn’t help thrusting in harder at the thought of Kurt’s suggestion, his fingers dug hard into Kurt’s shoulders. Kurt’s nails dug into Blaine’s spine until he drew blood and Blaine came, spilling into Kurt, hips stuttering until Kurt snapped back, his orgasm ripping from him.

Blaine hissed as Kurt licked across the crescent cuts later, cleaning him up, and knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that Kurt would get his wish.
*    *    *

16th century French history would never be interesting to him, so as his stuffy teacher droned on about the Wars of Religion, Blaine stared out at the class, his eyes landing on Harvey. He was decently looking, not in any way comparable to Kurt, but no one could hold a candle to his boyfriend.

Blaine’s gaze landed on Harvey’s exposed wrist where it hung over the edge of his desk and couldn’t help wondering what it might look like, cuffed and strapped to his table. He’d seen Harvey in the locker room before, knew he was built well, all smooth muscle and toned abs, he’d probably need Kurt’s help to get him restrained, but god what a sight he would be.

He could see it now, the Y-cut he’d need to open Harvey up and pull his skin aside to see all that muscle exposed and pulsing under his and Kurt’s touch. Kurt would kiss him then; fingers digging into the muscle, helping the scalpel slice it apart.

The organs would be pink and healthy, perfect to explore and god Kurt was getting so good at that. He wondered how Harvey would sound, how long would he scream? They all did, but some could keep it going longer than others, some could keep screaming the entire time he and Kurt were fucking, using their toy’s blood for lube and licking it off each other.

He’d heard the rumors that Harvey could only get it up if there was a big, hard dick in his presence and wondered if Harvey would get hard if he fucked Kurt on top of him, Kurt’s stomach sliding slick across his exposed middle, Kurt’s cock catching against the torn muscles of his abs. He probably would, the sick fuck. Kurt’s cock was huge and thick, but it was all Blaine’s.

Blaine swallowed down a growl at the thought. He would have to slice Harvey’s dick in half and crush his balls, make sure he didn’t get any ideas. Kurt was his and his alone.

Blaine couldn’t help squirming in his chair, hips circling slightly as he kept them from pumping up into the air, his hard cock dragging along the material of his underwear.

Just as he was going to reach down to adjust himself and ease some of the pressure, he caught himself.

What the fuck was he doing?

He was in class. Getting hard over the idea of fucking his boyfriend while killing one of his classmates. No. No, he couldn’t do this.

He couldn’t do this.

He pushed the thoughts away, willing his erection to subside as he forced himself to pay attention to his teacher.

It only took a week before he was at wit’s end. He couldn’t get through a single day without wondering what one of his classmates would look like opened up on his table, their lives slipping away under his fingers while he fucked Kurt into oblivion, covered in their blood.

It had to stop. He knew what he had to do; he just had to muster up the courage to do it.

When Kurt came over for their usual Friday night, Blaine didn’t have a body ready in the basement room.

He swung the door open too quickly when Kurt knocked, but Kurt didn’t seem to mind, just launched himself at Blaine until he had his arms full of his boyfriend. He kissed Kurt hard on the mouth, pouring his soul into the kiss and pulled away, heart pounding.

It was ridiculous that he was the one that was terrified. He was the one running scared when…when he was the one that started everything in the first place.

“I can’t do this anymore.” Blaine couldn’t look at Kurt’s face; he knew what he would find there. Hurt, confusion, betrayal.

“What?” Kurt’s voice pitched even higher than its usual register. “Blaine. What is going on?”

“I-I can’t do this anymore. This, us…everything else. I feel like I’m losing my mind, like I’m losing control and I can’t do it. I’m sorry. You should probably go.”

Coward. How was he such a coward after everything that had happened?

He turned to leave Kurt in the foyer, never once meeting Kurt’s eye so he didn’t see the baseball bat swinging down.


Everything went black.

Part Two


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Oct. 30th, 2011 11:21 pm (UTC)
Dammit woman! You can't leave me hanging like this! How dare you write such hot smut with a kink I did NOT know I had and just... cut it off?

I need to know what happens next!!! D:
Nov. 8th, 2011 06:02 am (UTC)
Thank you! So glad you're enjoying it! I know it's not really the normal fare...the second part should be up before Glee tomorrow. Fingers crossed.
Oct. 31st, 2011 06:32 pm (UTC)
So wrong, so dirty... and I may kinda love you.
Nov. 8th, 2011 06:03 am (UTC)
It is so dirty and wrong, but thank you! Glad you're liking it so far. Hopefully part 2 will live up to this.
Nov. 1st, 2011 06:39 am (UTC)
This was really interesting and creepy and hot. It reminded me a bit of Dexter and a bit of Natural Born Killers, but it was sexier than both. Nice writing too. Great work!
Nov. 8th, 2011 06:04 am (UTC)
Thanks so much! I've somehow never seen Dexter, though I've seen the title sequence like 15 times...idk what that's about. It's in my netflix queue!! Happy you're enjoying the creepy and hot, hopefully you'll like part 2 as well :)
Nov. 10th, 2011 01:14 am (UTC)
I was hesitant to read this but I'm so glad I did! It's so well done and sexy as hell! Can't wait for the rest!
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